Ba-da bing! Ba-da boom!

A beautiful, online alternative to the popular Exploding Kittens card game (just with chickens)

131 games played. 182 chickens exploded.

How to Play

The first rule of Exploding Chickens is simple. Don't explode.

Game Structure

Supports 2-5 players. 4 min average play time.


Understanding the Basics
Exploding Chickens is a card game based on both luck and strategy. Throughout the game, you draw cards from the deck which can either secure your victory or lead to your explosive demise. Action cards help give you an advantage over your opponents. But beware: the deadly Exploding Chicken is also hidden in the mix.


Taking your Turn
At the start of your turn, you can play as many (or as few) action cards as you’d like. That is, as long as the circumstances permit. Some unique cards will allow you to skip your turn entirely while others can force you to draw multiple times. Just follow the cards instructions below on how to play each action card. End your turn by drawing a card from the deck.


Drawing an Exploding Chicken
When you continue drawing card after card in the game, there comes a point where someone will draw an Exploding Chicken. If that’s you, you have two options: defuse the ticking time bomb or say goodbye to your chances of winning. The number of Exploding Chickens is always one less than the number of players alive.


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Winning the game is pretty simple. Use whatever cards at your disposal, combined with your smarts, to be the last person alive. After you witness each of your friends fall one by one to the wrath of the Exploding Chicken, congratulations! You’ve claimed the bragging rights to one of the most explosive games on the planet. Don’t let them forget.

Base Pack

The classics. Used by default in every game.

The Exploding Chicken x1-4
Avoid this little guy at all costs. Once this card is drawn, you must use a defuse card to stop the ticking time bomb. If you don't have a defuse card, it looks like your time is up.
Defuse x6
Clip the wires and stop the Exploding Chicken from exploding. Once defused, the player puts the Exploding Chicken back in the deck wherever they'd like.
Attack x4
Seek vengeance on your friends by forcing the next player in line to take 2 turns. Attack cards can be stacked to force the next player to take 4, 6, and even 8+ turns.
See the Future x5
Allow yourself to see the top three cards in the deck. Be quick though, because you only have 5 seconds. Does not count as a turn.
Skip x4
Effectively skips your turn without having to draw a card. If you are stuck with multiple turns, the skip card only removes one turn.
Reverse x4
Skips your turn and reverses the turn direction, all without having to draw a card. If you are stuck with multiple turns, the reverse card only removes one turn.
Shuffle x4
Shuffles the deck to hopefully decrease your odds at drawing an Exploding Chicken. Plain and simple. Does not count as a turn.
Favor x4
Allows you to ask for a favor (aka steal a card) from anyone still in the game. Your target really can't do much about it. Does not count as a turn.
Random Chickens x4(4)
Does the exact same thing as the favor card with a small caveat. You must have two identical random chickens to use this action. Both cards will be discarded.

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